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Because economy is a matter of proper study

Energyland provides heating solutions using infrared radiation technology.

  • EL-900, EL-900T
    EL-900, EL-900T

    Infrared heating panel 900W, 950W

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  • MICRON (7kW)
    MICRON (7kW)
    Pellet stove that channels 100% of warm air produced: great technology, just 26 cm deep.  • Synoptic panel for main function programming • Upper, rear or right side smoke outlet • Upper, rear or right side hot air outlet • Scamolex hearth  Covering in painted steel, front in black screen printed g...
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  • Infrared heating: how it works, uses and advantages
    Infrared heating: how it works, uses and advantages
    Winter is approaching and the heating of the house is now a central concern of the family. With the cost of heating oil is becoming unaffordable to many consumers turn to alternative heating sources, such as infrared heating. But what is infrared heating and what are its advantages? In the case o...
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  • Heat: 6 ways to
    Heat: 6 ways to "shield" your home
    When operating the heating system (radiators with heating oil or natural gas, infrared heating, heat pumps, etc.), the heat generated is spent and the bill goes up unless your home is well insulated. For decades, energy shield and insulation of homes did not receive due attention resulting in old b...
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  • The windows that save the environment
    The windows that save the environment
    Benefit up to 750 euros per year for each apartment that uses the new technology glasses, compared with convertional ones, because of the energy savings achieved. This follows from calculations of scientific institutes and manufacturers of windows are investigating ways to better "climate behavior" ...
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The company EnergyLand is a company supported by engineers who specialize in the field of energy.

Its purpose is to provide solutions for heating every space, mostly residential.

Our goal is to find the most suitable and economic heating solutions for any space.

The products we sell are of high quality, providing high returns to thermal energy.

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